Using the Standalone Application


  1. Download the executable PathVisioRPC-standalone.jar file here.
  2. Run it on your computer to start the server
  • Go to the terminal
  • Go to the folder containing the jar file
java -jar PathVisioRPC-standalone.jar [port]
for eg. : java -jar PathVisioRPC-standalone.jar 9000 
This starts the PathVisioRPC Server on port 9000 on your local machine.

In case you don’t want to mention the port type,
java -jar PathVisioRPC-standalone.jar
This starts the PathVisioRPC Server on the default port 7777 on your local machine.

Plugin version

PathVisio >3.0.0!

  1. Download and start PathVisio 3.0.0
  2. Open the Plugin Manager: Plugins » Plugin Manager
  3. Click the Install button for PathVisioRPC


Once you have the plugin up and running, you’ll find an option XmlRpc server setup in the plugins menu, 
clicking it opens a dialog box from where you can start and stop the xmlrpc server.
xmlrpc-plugin startport
Get started!

If you have problems installing this plugin, please 
contact us.