Exercise 4.1 : Importing data

The data to be visualized on the pathway first needs to be imported, which can be done using the importData function. This takes a number of arguments, first the datafile that is to be imported, the second argument is the full path of the folder that contains the annotation databases that are to be used for mapping the data and the result folder where the results will be saved. The function creates a number of files in the result directory, the .pgex file and a log file reporting the details for the import and listing any errors if encountered.

R code:

xml.rpc(server,"PathVisio.importData", "/home/anwesha/data.txt","1","L","","","/home/anwesha/PathVisio-Data/gene-databases", "/home/anwesha/Results/")

Python code:

server.PathVisio.importData( "/home/anwesha/data.txt","1","L","","","/home/anwesha/PathVisio-Data/gene-databases", "/home/anwesha/Results/")