Installation Instructions

Please go through this document to install PathVisio and Cytoscape for the hands-on sessions in the workshop.

You can find the installers for PathVisio and Cytoscape here.


This one-day tutorial, aimed at PhD students and postdocs, focuses on integrative approaches in pathway and network analysis. The morning session will be devoted to lectures providing a basic understanding in biological pathways and networks, relevant file formats, pathways and interaction resources, as well as different pathway and network analysis methods.
In the afternoon participants will take part in a hands-on session to learn how to analyse biological processes and networks in PathVisio and Cytoscape. In addition to explaining how the two tools work, it will be demonstrated how they can be used together.
Topics that will be covered are: data visualisation on pathways and networks, statistical analyses, data integration, and tips and tricks how to use PathVisio and Cytoscape.


In the Q&A session we are planning a short quiz. You can win a small prize!

Congratulations! Mohammed El-Kebir won the quiz!


After the workshop we would like to ask you to fill in our evaluation form.