The workshop is organized by:

Susan Coort, PhD Department of Bioinformatics
Maastricht University
The Netherlands
Assistant Professor
Susan is an Assistant Professor at Maastricht University. She has a background in Molecular Biology and Health Sciences. In her current research she aims at applying and designing bioinformatic approaches to answer biological questions. In these approaches the main focus is on pathway and network analysis. Moreover, Susan was organizer and instructor at several one-week post-graduate courses in which the complete workflow for microarray data analysis was introduced.
Thomas Kelder, PhD TNO
The Netherlands
Scientist Bioinformatics
Thomas is Scientist Bioinformatics at TNO. He is applying network biology research to metabolic health, biomarker and drug target identification, and host-microbiome interactions. During his PhD research at Maastricht University from 2007 to 2011, Thomas also co-founded open source projects WikiPathways and Pathvisio.
Martina Kutmon, MSc Department of Bioinformatics
Maastricht University
The Netherlands
PhD student
Martina is a senior PhD student working on pathway and network analysis. She is one of the developers of PathVisio and WikiPathways. Furthermore, Martina is working on different Cytoscape apps, CyTargetLinker and the WikiPathways-app.
Alex Pico, PhD Gladstone Institutes
San Francisco, CA, US
Associate Director of Bioinformatics
Alex leads a systems biology group at Gladstone Institutes and is the Executive Director for the National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB), a P41 resource supporting network biology research. He led the development of GenMAPP since 2005 and worked as a core developer of Cytoscape since 2007. He also co-founded WikiPathways in 2007 and leads a team coordinating its development and curation.