You can download the workshop flyer here.

Installation Instructions

Please go through this document to install PathVisio and Cytoscape for the hands-on sessions in the workshop.


Biological processes consist of information on genes, proteins, metabolites, interactions. Nowadays it is possible to measure the biomolecules on a large scale generating enormous amounts of data. In addition, regulatory mechanisms by for example microRNAs and epigenetic modifications, are being deciphered. Although this gives researchers new insights, it makes the system more complex. Tools and methods to analyze these complex regulatory processes should be developed and used in a sophisticated way to interpret the biological meaning. Open-source projects like WikiPathways, PathVisio and Cytoscape, are important tools for advanced analysis of biological processes.

Our workshop fits well with the sessions on i) Metagenomics, ii) Genetic networks, iii) Metabolomics, iv) Protein interactions networks and v) Signalling networks.

All co-chairs are actively involved in development communities of the tools demonstrated in the workshop and can provide in-depth explanations to the participants. Each co-chair applies these tools in different areas of research, such as nutrition and cardiology, toxicology, and metabolic health and microbiology.