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Despite the massive amount of biomedical literature, only a small amount is available in a form that is readily computable. The National Center for Biomedical Ontology (NCBO) created the initiative and the BiGCaT group @ Maastricht University is hosting the European site of the first hackathon to develop a comprehensive Network of BioThings (proteins, genes, pathways, mutations, drugs, diseases) extracted from scientific research articles and integrated with public biomedical data. During this hackathon, we will (1) identify motivating use cases, (2) define a shared, sustainable, multi-component infrastructure to build the NoB, and (3) implement common data representations, ontology-based programmatic interfaces, and develop cool applications. We will do this in an open, scalable, responsive manner so that it becomes a major asset for hackers and biomedical researchers worldwide.

We’re looking for:

  • Hackers and Mentors
  • Biologists, Text Miners and Data Wranglers
  • Ontologists, Terminologists, and Data Linkers
  • Semantic Web novices and experts
  • Systems and Network Biologists
  • Crowdsourcing experts and functional game designers
  • Skills in Large Text/Data Indexing, Facet Search and Browse, and REST APIs
  • Domain experts to advise on motivating use cases

Come join us for 2 days of networking, designing, and coding.