Course description

This five day course introduces various databases and data analysis tools to get grips on the
big data in the life sciences.

The course consists of two parts:

  • Part 1 (day 1-3) introduces the advanced uses of the gene and genomes databases, small
    molecule resources, the protein sequence databases, and interaction and pathway
    databases at EBI (a.o. UniPROT, ENSEMBL, CHEMBL, IntAct and Reactome). This first part is
    an EBI Roadshow hosted by UM & NBIC.
  • Part 2 (day 4-5) focuses on real data analysis using pathway and network approaches with
    links to the databases covered in first part. Tools that will be used include WikiPathways,
    PathVisio and Cytoscape. Covered aspects include pathway creation, data preparation for
    analysis, pathway analysis, network analysis and network extension using target
    information. This second part is provided by the department of Bioinformatics-BiGCaT at
    Maastricht University in collaboration with the diXa FP7 project on systems biology
    approaches in toxicogenomics. The diXa project will provide examples about (re)use and
    (re)analysis of large genomics datasets.