TargetScan linksets

TargetScan: Predicting effective microRNA target sites in mammalian mRNAs.
Agarwal V, Bell GW, Nam JW, Bartel DP.
Elife. 2015 Aug 12;4. doi:
doi: 10.7554/eLife.05005

TargetScan website:

TargetScan release 7.2 (Human)

The database content was downloaded from here (Conserved site context++ scores only!). All predicted, non-human microRNAs were removed before creating the link set.
The link sets were created with the linksetCreator v.2.0. Don’t forget to first unzip all link set files that you want to use and put them in the same folder.

Link set Species Interactions microRNAs Target genes Supported gene identifiers Homo sapiens (hsa) 264,563 405 13,077 NCBI Gene, Ensembl, HGNC