CyTargetLinker LinkSets

We provide a number of different LinkSets useful for different types of network extension.
Note: Originally, we focused on regulatory interactions but people have been using CyTargetLinker in a lot of different ways, so we decided to rename our RegINs to LinkSets.

If you are looking for a specific version of a LinkSet, please check our archive.
If you are missing a LinkSet for a specific database, species or use case, please contact us and we will try to create the network files.

Do you want to create your own LinkSet? Find our more. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Database Interaction Types LinkSets
miRTarBase microRNA-target gene miRTarBase link sets
TargetScan microRNA-target gene TargetScan link sets
TransmiR transcription factor – microRNA interactions TransmiR link sets
miRBase primary transcript – miRNA miRBase transcripts
ChEMBL compound – protein target ChEMBL link sets
DrugBank drug-target interactions DrugBank link sets
WikiPathways gene – pathway associations WikiPathways link sets