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Liège, 27th September 2016

On Tuesday, 27th September, 2016, the Liège event in the byteMAL conference series took place.


Aachen, 17th June 2016

On Friday, 17th June, 2016, the Aachen event in the byteMAL conference series took place.

The conference, hosted by JRC-COMBINE, took place in Couven-Halle of the RWTH Aachen. The program featured keynote presentations by Prof. Dr. Ben MacArthur from University of Southampton, Prof. Dr. Ines Thiele from University of Luxembourg and Prof. Dr. Olaf Wolkenhauer from University of Rostock. Furthermore, participants had the chance to present their projects during an interactive poster session or their newly developed tools during the application showcase session.

Congratulations to Ricardo Ramirez-Flores for winning the award for the best poster and to Dirk Bongers for winning the award for the best application showcase presentation!

For some impressions of the conference, you can visit the photo gallery to look at some photos.

We would like to thank all participants and contributors who made this event very special. It was an extremely interesting and enlightening session and we are looking forward to seeing you in Liège on 27th September, 2016!
Maastricht, 9th March 2016

On the 9thof March 2016 the byteMAL conference took place in Maastricht University Randwyck Campus. Have a look at the Maastricht page.

We want to thank all the participants and the two keynotes that made this event scientifically pleasant.

A special thanks to the jury members for the poster session and the application of showcase selection. It was not an easy task because of the high quality of the science.

Many congratulations to Micheal Clerx and Shauna O’Donovan the winners of the application of showcase and the poster session, respectively.

We would like to acknowledge the University Fund Limburg, SWOL and NUTRIM for their support, without which the event would not have been possible.

There is a photo gallery that reports the main moments of the conference.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Aachen!