The idea to set up the byteMAL conference series was born in the Bioinformatics Department at Maastricht University, when a group of PhD-students realized that they lacked contacts to other researchers outside of their university.

In an effort to build a broader regional network for exchanging ideas and fostering joint projects, they reached out to fellow PhD students in Aachen and Liège and proposed to start a conference series.

Consequently, the byteMal conference series is organized as a cooperative effort by four institutes in the Euregio:



The vision of the conference series is shared by the Regional Student Groups (RSGs) of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, which belong to the International Society of Computational Biology (ISCB) Student Council.

2017’s byteMAL conference in Maastricht is sponsored by SWOL, NUTRIM, macsbio and npj Systems Biology and Applications.